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  • Br?ckenstr. 5 63607 W?chtersbach, Germany, גרמניה
  • Brueckenstrasse 5 Waechtersbach,, גרמניה
אתר: www.sfm.de
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Our Locations: The SFM headquarters are located in Waechtersbach, Germany. It is here that the largest production capacities, administration and our research and development department can be found. Production steps: product development, metal processing, assembly, coating, synthetic injection moulding, packaging, ETO sterilisation Prague, Czech Republic SFM's subsidiary SaFeMed is based in Prague-Satalice. Production steps: assembly, packaging High-quality work based on consistency and transparency We at SFM have committed ourselves to quality. This goes far beyond legal regulations and specified standards for quality assurance. For exactly this reason, we adhere particularly strictly to the stipulated rules, the obligation to provide evidence and documentation as well as transparency. SFM quality systems are permanently improved and optimised by internal and external audits. SFM Quality Management, national and EU Our quality management encompasses the compliance with medical devices standard DIN EN ISO 13485:2003 the requirements of 93/42/EEC all legal regulations of national law which are deduced from this EU guideline, in particular the Medizinproduktegesetz (German Medical Devices Act) the Medizinprodukte-Verordnung (German Medical Devices Ordinance) the Medizinprodukte-Sicherheitsplanverordnung (German Ordinance on Medical Devices Vigilance) SFM Quality Management, Intercontinental Furthermore, the following requirements are fulfilled: Canadian Medical Devices Requirements US FDA/GMP Requirements Australian Regulatory Guidelines and Standards for Medical Devices SFM Quality Assurance All processes required for the manufacturing of SFM's products are monitored by a systematically implemented quality assurance system. For that purpose, SFM has an in-house physical and microbiological quality laboratory at its disposal. If required, external laboratories are also consulted. Another important goal of our QA system is to integrate quality- and function-relevant design specifications into the product development as early as possible. The quality of the products and the reliability of the services is the sum of the responsibility of all our employees.
Company Profile S?ddeutsche Feinmechanik GmbH (SFM) is a medium-sized company with its headquarters in W?chtersbach. Here and at its site in Prague, app. 300 members of staff work on drawing up plans, developing, and producing disposable medical products. Our core competency is the processing and refining of special cannulae for all important fields of medical therapy. To achieve this, we apply all technologies of metal and plastics processing that are decisive for quality. Our company considers itself to be a partner and service provider for a wide-range of international clients. From idea to concept, from prototype to series production -we accompany you through all steps of the realisation process. Hereby, patient- and user-friendly solutions covering all fields of medical therapy are the heart of our services offered. Our range of clients extends from specialised family businesses to international groups of companies in the field of medical technology and pharmaceutics. Reliability, cooperation based on mutual trust, and personal customer service secure us long-standing partnerships and a firm market position.

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Sueddeutsche Feinmechanik GmbH
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  • Sueddeutsche Feinmechanik GmbH