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אתר: www.rusoptics.com
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EVENITA, Ltd is European registered company acting as the dealer and the agent of the leading optical companies and enterprises of Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. Evenita, Ltd distributes the products of such leading manufacturers as:Zverev Krasnogorskiy Plant Kazan Optics-Mechanical Plant Lytkarino Optical Glass Factory Zagorsk Optics-Mechanical Plant Novosibirsk Instrument-Making Plant Beltecs-Optic Plant (Belorussia) Vologda Optics-Mechanical Plant Ulyanovsk Instrument-Making Plant Feodosia Optical Plant (Ukraine) And many other manufactures EVENITA, Ltd presents the latest array of professional optics, day and night vision devices from major brands made in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine. EVENITA, Ltd supply items in wholesale and in retail worldwide using International Air Mail, Express Courier Posts or Air Cargo.EVENITA, Ltd supplies optical devices and equipment to Europe, North America and other countries in the best preferable logistic ways and quickest time, optimizing the delivery process and export conditions.EVENITA, Ltd welcomes customers from all over the world to procure easily and at the best price state-of-the-art optics, day and night vision devices, special and customized optical equipment.We are expierenced either in supplying optics to European and North America Agencies and Companies in wholesale or in supplying a single customized order to a demanding customer.We accepts payments:online method of payment credit Card payments via PayPal Other methods of payment:Western Union MoneyGram Wire Bank Transfer Letter of Credit Product/Service : Mini Binoculars BGT 5x32, Night Binocular BNV - 3 "Selena", ONV2/3x NV Binoculars 2+ Gen, ONV2/5x NV Binoculars 2+ Gen, ONV3/3x NV Binoculars 3 Gen, ONV3/5x NV Binoculars 3 Gen, Binoculars Zrachok-8, Binoculars BGT 4x32, Binoculars BGT 3x32, Binoculars BGF2 4x36, Binoculars BGF2 2.5x25, Binoculars BGN 2.5x24, Spotting scopes Tourist - 14, Spotting scopes Tourist - 10, Photo camera lenses Tourist - FL, Photo camera lenses MC Rubinar - 10/1000, Photo camera lenses MC Rubinar - 5.6/500, Photo camera lenses MC 3M - 5CA, microscope Magnification Lenses, , , Binocular Stereoscopic Microscopes OGME-P3, Binocular Stereoscopic Microscopes MBS-12, Binocular Stereoscopic Microscopes MBS-10, Night Vision Goggles Laser Illuminator IR530-920 adjustable 250mW, long-range, Night Vision Goggles Laser Illuminator IR530-810 adjustable 250mW, , Night Vision Goggles LED Illuminator IR530-3 adjustable 100mW long range, Night Vision Goggles LED Illuminator IR530-2 100mW long-range, Night Vision Goggles Long-rang Day/Night e camera SM3 NVTV F170/1.6 no IR illuminator, Night Vision Goggles Long-range Day/Night Camera SM3 NVTV F110/1.5 no IR illuminator